"Rosava" company successfully fulfills work package on offtake-projects for foreign customers from Russia, Turkey, Germany and Great Britain. Production of tyres with PREMIORRI brand is оne of their important projects!

Brand Premiorri contains global understanding of design as combination of art taste, correspondence to modern visual trends and innovations in production processes in all stages including formula, technologies and special programs for development of tyre brand.

In Premiorri tyres it is realized the art of efficient use of consumer’s budget not only at the moment of purchase but also during all the period their performance.

Summer tyres PREMIORRI Solazo

Technical innovations of new summer tyre Premiorri Solazo provide you comfort and safety of driving.

Unique rubber compound composition with silica filler in tread ensures excellent traction with road surface in heat and shower rain, high tread wear resistance and economy of fuel consumption. It guarantees excellent directional stability, high maneuvering and safety of car driving at high speed. Directional tread pattern with optimized contact area ensures maximum traction, uniform tread wear and higher mileage. Unique hi-tech composition of rubber compound (high structural carbon black in combination with protection group against ozone and atmosphere aging Santeflex 6PPD) guarantees protection against side impacts and cuts.

Winter Tyres PREMIORRI Via Magiore

Technology Zeasnate is developed to ensure optimum gripping of winter tyres keeping elasticity at low temperature. Tread rubber compounds include silica Zeosil, high content of natural rubbers (80%) and environmentally friendly oils Nytex.

In winter it is very important to pull up in time on all types of winter roads. Due to sophisticated tread pattern the "RUBBER Z-STUD" is designed in such a way that while running ADDITIONAL SHARP EDGES are formed, the “stud” cuts into rolled snow and guarantees additional gripping and safety.

Up-to-date technology and materials which meet requirements of REACH were used. The main purpose of REACH is to guarantee high level of human health and environmental protection are used in tyre production.

In production of PREMIORRI ViaMaggiore tyres environmentally friendly oils NYTEX (Sweden), special type of silica Zeosil 1165 MR as well as latest grades of rubbers are used.

Exceptional consumer’s tyre characteristics are achieved and tyres are environmentally friendly due to the above mentioned. Eco-marker “ecological tire” is marked on a sidewall. Index of rolling resistance meets European Standards what is proved by the certificates E8*117R-01*0027 SW*00.



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